Company introduction

Farasakht Novin Zarfam Company

Farasakht Novin Zarfam Company, a subsidiary company of Faranegar Zarfam Holding, launched in 2015 with the aim of manufacturing composite and polymer parts and by equipping a production plant in Shahriar, Tehran, started producing composite body parts for heavy vehicles and expanded its activities with the establishment of R&D and trading units, etc., and now it has turned into one of the leading companies in the field of composite industry in Iran in oil and gas, petrochemical, rail transportation, mine, water and sewage industries

Using an experienced and expert staff as well as successful experiences during many years of its activity, this company has the honor to handle every project proposed by the employer in various industries, from the consulting and design to the construction and production of composite parts, providing solutions and services. At a glance, Novin Zarfam Farasakht is not a manufacturer of a specific product, but has implemented hundreds of different projects in the field of mass production of composite and polymer parts according to customer orders in various industries

Our main activities

The main activities of Farasakht Novin Zarfam Company

:The main activities of Farasakht Novin Zarfam Company are summarized in the following four areas


Design and engineering

Procurement and supply



With specialized know-how in the field of advanced composite and polymer materials and manufacturing methods, through cooperation with the best and most experienced experts in this field, Farasakht Novin Zarfam Company is ready to provide expert advice on the feasibility of manufacturing and producing all kinds of parts in various industries

Providing solutions for customers’ industrial problems and challenges

Technical and economic feasibility, modification, replacement, manufacturing and production of parts with composite products

Design and Engineering

By using software and hardware resources in the design and engineering unit, Farasakht Novin Zarfam Company provides engineering consulting, design, material selection and identification of construction, production and implementation methods in projects related to its field of activity in basic, detailed and concept phases. The transfer of knowledge acquired by the R&D unit of Farasakht Novin Zarfam Company to the design and engineering unit has made it possible to provide these services innovatively and creatively

Procurement and supply

Farasakht Novin Zarfam Company can supply materials and equipment and transfer technology from reputable foreign companies by participating in trade unions and chambers of commerce. The presence of an experienced engineering team and a scientific approach alongside the commercial unit has made it possible to supply specialized goods for various industries. This company is able to supply goods, buy equipment and transfer technology through its international business partners


The manufacturing unit of Novin Zarfam Farasakht Company, located in the factory in Shahriar region, with all kinds of production, dyeing and assembly lines in sync with the state-of-the-art technology, can produce composite and polymer parts of any size and circulation in various industries and uses methods like Hand Lay Up, Resin Transfer Method (RTM), Vacuum Infusion Process (VIP), etc

Certifications and Achievements

Certificates and achievements of Farasakht Novin Zarfam Company

:The certificates and achievements of Farasakht Novin Zarfam Company are as follows

Obtaining certificates for the registration of various patents

Obtaining Grade A quality management system certificate from Iran Khodro Diesel Co

Obtaining a certificate for the production of composite parts and coating of industrial paints with Grade A from Saipa Diesel Company Obtaining a knowledge-based title in the field of composite parts and coatings from the scientific and technological vice-president of the presidential institution

Obtaining a certificate of competence and adequacy of research and development (R&D) activities from the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade

Obtaining the gold rating of the national rating scheme of the Chamber of Commerce

Obtaining a rating from the Elite Scientific Foundation

Obtaining ISO45001 2018 – ISO14001 2015 – ISO9001 2015 integrated management system certification

Obtaining a certificate of good performance regarding design, construction and installation of diffusers (cooling towers) from Zob Ahan Isfahan Co.