Product introduction

One of the problems of the industry, especially the oil and gas and petrochemical industries, in the field of accumulation of fluids and chemical wastes is corrosion. Metal tanks naturally corrode quickly due to chemical reaction with fluids and lack the necessary durability. As one of the pioneers of the composite industry, Farasakht Novin Zarfam Co. has introduced metal/composite tanks to the oil, gas and petrochemical industry for the first time and has a patent certificate and knowledge base in this field. Matching the coefficient of thermal expansion between the metal surface and the composite layer, as well as the opposite connection against all kinds of impacts, are important features of metal-composite tanks

Among other products of this company for the accumulation of fluids and chemical effluents are full composite GRP tanks. Regardless of the type of chemical fluid and the size of the tank, this company can design and manufacture any type of GRP tank according to the client’s order

Product features

Very wide range of chemicals that can be stored

High speed of installation and execution

No need for hot work in installation and repairs


Remarkable resistance to corrosion and erosion

Very long life against fluids and chemical effluents

Low repair cost and high repair speed in case of possible damage

High mechanical strength ratio


Launched project

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Tondgouyian Petrochemical

Design and construction of 50 m3 GRP ponds

Copper mines

Design and construction of anodized copper ponds