Product introduction

Cooling tower parts are prone to corrosion and destruction due to constant exposure to wear, humidity and air. Due to their very high resistance to corrosion and low weight, composite parts have better resistance and durability than metal parts in the main components of cooling towers

One of the main components in cooling towers is the tower blades, which are subject to severe destruction due to the rapid rotation of the engine in aggressive environments. The science-based Novin Zarfam Farasakht Company has recently designed and produced this type of blades and by using the experiences of its R&D department, it has succeeded in making parts with a very long shelf-life, low cost and energy saving

Product features

Having a special coating resistant to wear and corrosion

Resistance to absorption of moisture and sediment (blades do not become heavy during the work process)

Reducing energy consumption in the fan engine

Reducing the need for repairs and maintenance

Quick and easy repair in case of possible damage


Having accurate design and engineering geometry

Selecting materials and the method of manufacturing blades according to the environmental conditions

High mechanical strength

Accurate weight static and dynamic balance

High resistance to mechanical fatigue

Very low weight


Launched project

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Isfahan power plant

Construction of cooling tower blades

Kar Va Andishe Company

Blades of model 200 and 250 cooling towers