Product introduction

Cooling tower parts are prone to corrosion and destruction due to constant exposure to wear, humidity and air. Due to their very high resistance to corrosion and low weight, composite parts have better resistance and durability than metal parts in the main components of cooling towers

Another important component of cooling towers, which is subject to constant and severe wear and tear, is the fan stack parts or the diffuser of the outer body of the tower, which, in addition to creating physical protection and a semi-closed environment around the fan, creates a steam exit path. It also provides hot water and non-return. Due to the constant contact of the fan stack with hot water vapor and hot air flow, these parts require very high resistance to corrosion and erosion. In addition, due to the placement of the fan building on the bed structures, these parts must have sufficient strength and low weight. According to these materials, the use of GRP composite materials is known as the best option for the customer. According to its mission, Farasakht Novin Zarfam Company, as a forward-looking knowledge-based group in the field of composite materials, designs and manufactures industrial and construction fan stacks with the highest quality

Product features

High resistance to mechanical fatigue

High resistance to corrosion and very long life

Reducing the need for repairs and maintenance

Quick and easy repair in case of possible damage

Low weight and no extra load applied to the infrastructure

UV resistance (on the outer surface)


Accurate design with specialized engineering software

Innovation in the manufacturing method of huge bodies of industrial diffusers

Production of separate composite parts and quick assembly at the client’s place

Having the highest safety coefficients due to the calculation and simulation of destructive mechanisms

In accordance with the latest global standards

Selecting materials suitable for environmental conditions

High mechanical strength

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Kar Va Andishe Company

Making body parts in five sizes with GRP material according to the mold and sample delivered

Isfahan Steel Company

Making the body of power plant and operational diffusers