Product introduction

Today, in the heavy automotive industries, due to the low circulation, high variety and also the large dimensions of this type of vehicle, body parts are not made of metal. Parts of the front grill, engine door, pedals, fenders and even aprons of this type of vehicles are designed and produced from new engineering materials such as polymer-based composites using advanced methods

Fast molding, high economic efficiency, and low circulation of parts of this type of vehicle are justified. Also, extraordinary strength properties, lightweight, proportional dimensional accuracy along acceptable appearance characteristics are other advantages of composite parts of heavy vehicle body

After years of experience and acquiring world-class knowledge and having various production lines and advanced manufacturing methods, Farasakht Novin Zarfam Co. proudly provides the desired body parts for many reputable domestic and even foreign car manufacturers from the design, molding, production to dyeing and assembly

Product features

Durable furnace paint coating and quality composite parts

High dimensional compatibility with the parts installation location

Ability to design and manufacture according to customer standards and requirements


Design suitable for the body of all types of heavy vehicles

Highly resistant to car vibrations

Having appropriate mounting brackets and fittings

Launched project

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Volvo F12 truck body parts collection, designed and manufactured

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