Product introduction

Prefabricated composite ceilings are a suitable option for use in various buildings due to their long life, light weight and good resistance to environmental factors. This product can be attached to all kinds of tiles, mirrors and other beautifying materials by using the appropriate glue. Therefore, it can be widely used in Islamic buildings

Farasakht Novin Zarfam Company is proud to have designed, produced and installed the composite ceilings of Jamkaran Mosque. This company can produce orders based on the design of respected employers

Product features

Reduced dead load of the building

Very high strength

Low weight and no extra load applied to the infrastructure structure

Long shelf-life

Light weight

Appropriate resistance to environmental factors

Lightness of the structure

Launched project

The employer


Employer website

Mosque Construction Organization

CNC model making and mold making and production of 2000 m2 of Jamkran Shabestan ceiling by manual method and on-site installation