Product introduction

Large automobile manufacturing companies usually provide various facilities and options to increase safety and prevent possible injuries for their manufactured vehicles, each of which has its function. One of the above features of side skirts is heavy vehicles. The presence of the above skirts increases safety and prevents more injuries in road accidents. Farasakht Novin Zarfam Company, as one of the pioneer groups in this industry, has been recently designing and mass-producing these parts for Iranian heavy vehicle manufacturers

Product features

Durable furnace paint coating and quality composite parts

High dimensional compatibility with the parts installation location

Ability to design and manufacture according to customer standards and requirements

Design suitable for the body of all types of heavy vehicles

Highly resistant to car vibrations

Having appropriate mounting brackets and fittings

Launched project

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Iran Khodro Diesel

 Arya truck side skirts
 HOWO truck side skirts
 Mighty truck side skirts

Saipa Diesel

Volvo FH truck side skirts
 Alborz truck side skirts
 Kave truck side skirts

Shayan Diesel

Kx truck side skirts

Dafran truck side skirts