Product introduction

Water and foam storage tanks are one of the main components of fire extinguishing systems, whose proper performance can be very crucial and decisive in times of need. Firefighting foam and water composite tanks have significant advantages over stainless steel tanks. The high strength-to-weight ratio, greater resistance to corrosive factors, lower maintenance costs, and more appropriate price of these tanks have made them very attractive to users of these tanks compared to stainless steel tanks

As the first producer of water and foam tanks for firefighting vehicles in the country, Farasakht Novin Zarfam has recently produced more than 1000 composite tanks for use on firefighting vehicles. These tanks are designed and manufactured according to NFPA-1901, ISIRI 7860 and BS 4994 standards

Product features

Resistance to the formation of deposits, moss and algae

High corrosion resistance against all types of fluids and operating environments

High strength-to-weight ratio

High impact resistance

Having a polished surface and ease of washing and cleaning

Negligible heat transfer and maintaining fluid temperature for a long time

Lifespan up to 20 years with the ability to repair and increase the life and resistance during the period of use

Ability to install refrigeration and thermal equipment and installations to any point of the source

High resistance to atmospheric factors and direct sunlight

High production speed

Excellent coloring

Easy and quick repairs

Capacity range from 40 to 20,000 liters

Designed according to NFPA-1901, ISIRI 7860, BS 4994 standards

Ability to design for installation on all types of leading light trucks and heavy-duty vehicles

Ability to install all kinds of composite and metal joints

Being lighter than metal tanks (the weight of GRP tanks is about 20% to 30% lighter than metal tanks)

Launched project

The employer


Employer website

Sanginkar Company

Design and construction of 1500, 4000, 6000 and 10000 liter tanks

Narfoamkar Company

Design and manufacture of molds and mass production of hundreds of 640-liter and 2000-liter containers

Petrokardan Company

Design and manufacture of molds and mass production of hundreds of 640-liter and 2000-liter containers

Namadin Tarh Company

Design and production of 500 liter water and foam tanks

Bidboland Petrochemical Company

Construction of 2000 liter GRP foam tanks

Parsian Gas Refinery Company

Manufacturing GRP foam box tanks and GRP fire engine water tanks